​The School of Computer Science Welcomes New Dean

OCT 26,2017

Prof. Ariel Shamir assumed the position of Dean at Efi Arazi School of Computer Science and replaced Prof. Tami Tamir.

Prof. Uriel Reichman, President and Founder of IDC Herzliya, congratulated the departing dean and incoming Dean, saying, “When we talk about computer science, our vision is very futuristic. The School of Computer Science at IDC Herzliya has a special history. From the beginning, I said that we must also teach computer science because even then it was clear to me that this is the future. The real history of the School of Computer Science began with Prof. Shimon Schocken when we first started to establish this institution. The story of the school was not simple because at that time, 23 years ago, people said it was unprofitable, that there were not enough students, that it did not justify the costs of the staff, and so on.

Today it is clear to everyone that the School of Computer Science holds the answer to the future of IDC Herzliya. If we are talking about the new interdisciplinary approach, then it is based on the digital world alongside different approaches and directions. There is no field today that can progress without computer science.

I want to point out the importance of the subject, each system is based on the success of the people who are in it. We have been blessed not only with the first but also with the last, an extraordinary group of people. I would like to thank the outgoing Dean, Prof. Tami Tamir, for her sacrifice and hard work at the school.”

Prof. Tami Tamir, the outgoing dean, concluded her term by saying that “I had the privilege to lead the school for more than five years, during which the number of students has more than doubled. More than twenty courses were opened for the first time.

I think there are very few positions that are so diverse, fascinating and satisfying, and now I will give a little bit of what made the job so good. First, are the faculty members, everyone knows that we are a special school and that we have a special atmosphere, but only we really know how true this is, and all the rest, maybe you should not know. Thank you very much to all CS faculty. Next, are the students, a large part of our satisfaction at the work, and in particular mine as a dean, stems from the fact that our students and graduates make us very happy. I’m not just talking about those who start companies and star on the list of the 40 promising young people, but the students we just need to push them a little make an amazing ‘Hackathon’, students who stay after class to suggest alternatives to the algorithm I taught them; Students who ask a question in the course forum and show that they are close to understanding something very complicated; and that in general turn before our eyes to professionals whose training gives them the opportunity to be productive citizens that help enrich the Israeli high-tech world. ”

Prof. Ariel Shamir, the incoming Dean, said, “First and foremost, I would like to thank Prof. Reichman without whom there would be nothing here. While Tammy was dean our school grew very much and the international track opened. Academic management is quite different from the management of commercial companies, for example. Lecturers and researchers need the freedom and the personal responsibility for both research and teaching. And in that respect, a good manager is one you do not feel. He is the barrier between the pressures and the chaos from outside, and the researchers and lecturers. Only then, can they grow and succeed. In this sense, Tami was a big success and I thank her personally. She set herself the goal of increasing the number of women at the school and encouraged our graduates to balance between work and their private lives”.