IDC Beyond

FEB 24,2016

IDC Herzliya and its Adelson School of Entrepreneurship are proud to launch IDCBeyond, an international entrepreneurship program for alumni of undergraduate programs that focuses on establishing pioneering ventures to address the challenges of the 21st century.

We live in tempestuous, exciting times: along with the conquest of outer space, the cracking of the DNA code, innovative communication technologies and revolutions in robotics and artificial intelligence, these times have introduced us to challenges such as the growing population worldwide, global warming, energy and food shortages and the growing threat of cyber-terror.

Human history has taught us that we can translate significant challenges such as these into specific problems and then propose sophisticated solutions to them.

IDCBeyond was developed to serve this purpose. It is designed for those with burning entrepreneurial ambitions who want to spearhead the breakthroughs of the future.

We at IDC Herzliya, which has earned an international reputation for cultivating entrepreneurship, are shaping the education of tomorrow’s leadership – leadership that knows how to cope with the changes and innovations that are captivating the world.

The program includes, among other aspects:

  •  First Stage (Approximately Three Months): In-depth, fascinating studies of the challenges of the 21st century.
  •  Second Stage (Approximately Six Months): Venture creation – working in teams to plan and establish ventures that will have  a global impact.
  •  Third Stage (Approximately Three Months): Accelerator for outstanding teams.
  • Two Study Tours Abroad: Two weeks in China or India and two weeks in the US.
  • 18 Days of Educational Tours: Enrichment tours throughout Israel to become acquainted with pioneering people and companies.
  • Ongoing guidance from leading mentors from the industry.
  •  Access to investors and VC funds for outstanding teams.
  • Dozens of hands-on workshops on management and entrepreneurship.
  • A limited number of scholarships for exceptional applicants.

Every year, 40 highly motivated and exceptionally talented applicants will be accepted into this program. Those who are accepted will have undergraduate degrees, at the least, in a variety of disciplines and come from Israel and abroad.

To visit the IDCBeyond website, please click here.