IDC Herzliya Class of 2016 Graduation Ceremony

JUN 29,2017

On Thursday, June 8, 2017, the annual graduation ceremony was held at IDC Herzliya in honor of class of 2016. The ceremony was attended by about 2,000 IDC Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates at IDC Herzliya, together with thousands of family members and friends.

Faculty members and graduates marched to the ceremony, wearing academic dresses, as customary in graduate parades at leading universities in the United States and the world.

Prof. Uriel Reichman, President and Founder of IDC Herzliya, spoke in honor of the graduates, saying:

“IDC Herzliya was established for you, for the students, that is the secret of its success. The task we faced was not simple: how can we prepare you for success in a world that is changing so rapidly? A global world that offers unprecedented opportunities but suffers from crises, climate dependence and food shortage. You will also deal with a digital and technological world that eliminates jobs and with biomedicine that enables humans to recreate themselves.

We had to think and act in an original way. From the very beginning we emphasized the interdisciplinary approach that integrates fields, enables insight and builds creativity. We have built schools that did not exist before, such as the School for Entrepreneurship and the School of Sustainability, and mainly we changed existing faculties in a revolutionary way. The School of Communications deals with the technology of building prototypes, communication of sensors and communication with robots, the School of Government has created a new academic field of counterterrorism, and the School of Psychology uses positive psychology to assist hundreds of teachers and students throughout the country.

The Interdisciplinary Center is an open institution and mediator that helps economically, as much as it can and more than any other institution, to students in need of aid. We have an impressive leadership from the Ethiopian community and young Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, from Israel and abroad, and of course, unlike others, there is no exclusion from women.

It is therefore not surprising that IDC Herzliya was the first to join the call of President Rivlin to act to mediate between the tribes of Israel. We saw this as another move in the spirit of Zionism that believes in a democratic home for all. From the same Zionist commitment I have described, it is also the responsibility of all of us to say the truth and to stand firm to halt the processes of division and deterioration of Israeli society.

The State of Israel has many achievements in security, economics and science. Some were achieved with devotion and sacrifice in battle. However, all this will not last if there is a fundamental split in Israeli society. Were two thousand years of exile not enough of a lesson for us to learn from past splits and internal division? It is essential to restore unity, it is important to strive for unity. You graduates, trained to face the challenges of the 21st century, carry with you the spirit of the Six Day War and the hope of Israeli society. Israel awaits your strong, Zionist, humane leadership and values. Your courage to change, entrepreneurship and leadership will determine the future. I’m sure of you. Go forth and succeed.”