Professor Boaz Ganor in NYC

AUG 8,2016

On Tuesday, August 2nd, the American Friends of IDC hosted an event for Professor Boaz Ganor in Manhattan for the second time this year. Professor Ganor presented his take on “Unpuzzling Counter-Terrosim.” There was a great turnout of over 60 guests, consisting of IDC supports, IDC alum and new friends of IDC. Additionally, for the first time ever, AFIDC had the privilege of having members of the FBI and New York Police Department attend an event, all of which were very impressed by Professor Ganor’s expertise. It was very informative to hear Professor Boaz speak on the subject of counter-terrorism, especially with all of the recent terrorist attacks that have tragically occurred.  Moreover, it was obvious how engaged the audience was, as there were many guests eager to ask questions during the Q & A session.