Sam Zell 2

Sam Zell Participated in the Inauguration of Eponymous Boulevard at IDC

MAR 30,2016

The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya inaugurated Sam Zell Boulevard at IDC campus in the presence of Sam Zell, founder of the Zell Entrepreneurship Program at IDC; Prof. Uriel Reichman, President and Founder of IDC; students in the Program, faculty, and Program alumni.

Prof. Reichman spoke of Mr. Zell’s generous contributions to the Program and to IDC and said that “It was Sam’s idea to establish the Entrepreneurship Program. The unique spirit of the Program surrounds IDC. Everyone talks about entrepreneurship.

In the world of academia, nothing inspires more pride than creating new disciplines. We’ve succeeded to do that at IDC with the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT), and also with the Zell Entrepreneurship Program. We’ve succeeded to create an academic entrepreneurship program.

We hope that our graduates will realize their dreams with the tools we equip them with, that they persist and don’t fear failure, that they will withstand all challenges. This is the greatness in the human spirit and in a free society. This is how we educate our graduates.”

Mr. Zell, founder of the program named after him, said: “We are all put on this earth for a reason. We might not always know what that reason is, but our challenge is to figure it out during our lives. For me, the reason has always been to make a difference. Since my childhood, that was my goal.

One who cannot deal with failure  cannot be a successful entrepreneur. Today, the word ‘entrepreneurship’ is mentioned by many, but it has always been a critical component in every initiative. The State of Israel is a good example of this. Israel is a small country and because of that, her influence needs to be expressed through her intellectual wealth, her readiness to take risks and challenge society. If we didn’t act this way, Israel would just be another small country in the world.

The BDS movement is a boycott movement, but the biggest fault is that we aren’t doing enough to counter it. It’s a field in which we need what we need in every field  more entrepreneurs.

The goal of the Program is not to take 22 students and to turn them into entrepreneurs within a year, but to create a culture that will expand and gain influence all over Israel. The goal was to turn everyone in your surroundings better. Together, you are stronger than you are apart. I am proud of you.”

The Zell Entrepreneurship Program, an innovative program generously funded by world-renowned entrepreneur Sam Zell of Chicago, gives students an opportunity to implement advanced entrepreneurial studies in the creation of real business ventures.

The program provides a platform for the development of a business venture from concept to launch. In addition, the program offers students a year of customized learning and invaluable practical experience in an intimate seminar setting. This setting gives students a unique opportunity to receive professional and personal guidance from accomplished instructors, mentors and leading entrepreneurs and professionals from the business community.

The program is taught in English and lasts for a full academic year, including a summer session. The program, currently in its fifteenth year, is designed for outstanding undergraduates in their final year of the business, law, communications, computer science, government, psychology or economics programs at IDC Herzliya who aspire to work in an entrepreneurial organization or start their own business.