Studying in Israel: Featuring IDC Herzliya

NOV 3,2015

Featured in Janglo, by: Zev Stub

Israel has become the ideal climate to educate and enlighten those interested in government affairs, public relations, foreign business interaction, high-tech, and so much more.

The IDC Herzliya’s Raphael Recanati International School (RRIS) was founded a few years after the inception of the Israeli school in 1994 and is the largest academic absorption center in Israel. The school offers 10+ undergraduate and graduate degree programs, all taught in English. The RRIS boasts a full-time staff dedicated to making each student’s transition as seamless as possible.

In just two short decades Professor Uriel Reichman has transformed an abandoned IDF Air Force base into one of Israel’s most prestigious academic institutions. Reichman based IDC’s mission statement on the Zionist ideal of contributing to society, freedom and responsibility and not fearing the option of failure.

Full academic degrees in English

“If you want to do business these days, you need to know English,” says Jonathan Davis, head of the RRIS and VP for External Relations. “The fact that we teach in English enables those who don’t know Hebrew well enough to come and study in Israel. It’s a great way of allowing a critical mass of people to study in a familiar environment.” IDC Herzliya ensures academic assistance for every student in English, including class recitations and flexible office hours.

IDC Herzliya has a student body of 7,500, out of which 1,800 students come from abroad. International students make up 30% of the student body. Significant numbers hail from Europe, North America, Latin America, South Africa, Australia and the former Soviet Union. Over 15% of the International School consists of native-born Israelis who want to study in English, perfect their language skills and meet students from across the globe. With this distinctly international flavor on campus it is not surprising that IDC Herzliya firmly encourages global networking.

Undergraduate degree programs include BA degrees in: Business Administration, Business and Economics (Double Major), Communications, Computer Science, Government and Psychology. IDC Herzliya’s undergraduate programs are taught in just three years, putting its graduates at a clear advantage over their peers in foreign academic institutions. The faculty understand the school’s rigorous academic stance and go above and beyond for their students.

Graduate degree programs include:

  • Counter-terrorism & homeland security studies

  • Diplomacy & conflict studies

  • Financial economics

  • Organizational behavior & development (OBD)

Global MBA:

  • Innovation & entrepreneurship

  • Strategy & business development

Student life at IDC Herzliya

IDC Herzliya‘s Hillel House serves as a hub for Jewish activities on campus, aimed at enriching students’ lives with meaningful Jewish experiences. IDC-Hillel House strives to meet the specific needs of international, veteran Israeli and new immigrant students through activities that celebrate the broad spectrum of languages and cultures in Israel, such as Friday evening Shabbat dinners, trips around Israel, weekend seminars and the celebration of Jewish and Israeli national holidays.

Students at the international school enjoy a wide variety of social and cultural activities on campus. Activities include mountain biking, the IDC Idol singing competition, the entrepreneurship club, North and South field trips, the debate team, ambassadors club and so much more. At IDC Herzliya we truly believe that beyond their dedication to their studies, students should be exposed to the various extracurricular activities on campus in order to connect to fellow classmates and encourage personal growth.

Life in Herzliya

Not only do students learn in Israel, they live here too. Only five miles north of booming Tel Aviv, Herzliya is a relaxing, quiet respite ideal for the college student. IDC Herzliya’s housing office offers accommodation throughout the city center to eliminate the hassle of international students scrambling to find a place to live. Students choosing to live in tel Aviv can simply hop on the 347 bus line (with a stop conveniently located inside IDC’s campus) or come by train.

IDC’s prime location allows students to be within walking distance from everything they might need, including shopping areas, restaurants, supermarkets, malls, health services, gyms and more,

Leading Alumni

Our 17,000 alumni around the world can be found in top companies and organizations in Europe, North America and Israel. IDC Herzliya’s alumni are landing positions in the Knesset, UN, Google, Waze, IKEA, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, El Al and more. Some have even established their own start-up companies! Others are pursuing graduate and doctoral degrees in some of the world’s leading universities including Yale, Princeton, Harvard and London School of Economics.

Sonia Hason, 2013 Communications alumni from Italy has said that “studying at IDC for me didn’t just mean receiving a diploma and starting a professional career. It meant growing in a dynamic, culturally diverse environment and working together with the best professors and some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. I am now working at Mediobanca – an investment bank here in Milan – in the communication department: probably one of the most hectic fields. It’s a constantly changing environment and the job can be completely unpredictable. We have to be flexible and adapt (or better, anticipate) all the new forms of communication in the digital age. One thing I know: my three years at IDC Herzliya essentially helped me to become the person I am today, and helped to prepare me for the professional role I’ve ended up in. I know that with the tools gained during my studies, I am ready for whatever the future has in store for me”

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